Guided Wave 5-Day Course


Course Overview
This Guided Wave 5-Day course is best suited for engineers, NDT technicians, managers, and executives that are seeking a more thorough theoretical and conceptual understanding of guided waves and their applications in industry. The curriculum focuses on the same material as the 3-day version of the course, but with more emphasis on the details of guided wave phenomena and signal processing.

Why Guided Waves?
Guided waves differ from traditional ultrasonic “bulk waves” because they travel along or between the physical boundaries of a structure. This gives guided waves unique capabilities and allows for inspections that would be impractical or impossible with traditional ultrasonic techniques.

  • Inspection over long distances from a single probe position
  • The ability to inspect hidden and inaccessible structures
  • Beam steering and focusing capabilities
  • 100% volumetric coverage
  • Dynamic sensitivity

Hands-On Experience
Students will participate in hands-on experiments in which they will generate and detect guided waves in various structures and review guided wave data. Some of the experiments featured in the course include:

  • Pulse-echo and through-transmission guided wave measurements
  • Angle beam, comb, and magnetostrictive transducer measurements
  • Long-range guided wave inspection of pipelines
  • Guided wave measurements in composites
  • Phased array guided wave scans in plates
  • Guided wave computed tomography (CT) imaging
  • Magnetostrictive guided wave scans

Topics Covered During the Course
A wide range of topics are discussed during the course to introduce participants to the state-of-the-art in guided wave testing as well as a number of exciting new technologies on the horizon. Some of the topics covered during the course are:

  • Basics of Waves and Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Guided Wave Terminology
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Plates
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Composites
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Pipes and Tubes
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Rods and Rails
  • Phased Array Guided Wave Inspection of Plates
  • Guided Wave Tomography for SHM
  • Guided Wave Transducers
  • Basic and Advanced Guided Wave Inspection Methods
  • Interpreting Guided Wave Data
  • Emerging Guided Wave Technologies and Applications