The guided wave MRUT system is suitable for medium-range (~10 ft. or less) inspection of pipes 4” or larger.  The probe is used in conjunction with the Innerspec PowerBox H and specialty software to inspect supports, elbows, ground penetrations and short runs of pipe. The system uses proprietary software to generate C-scan like images of the pipe from a remote location. The probe is operated by the user scanning the probe around the circumference of the pipe. As the user does this, the probe sends a series of guided waves along the axis of the pipe and generates a defect colormap of the area several feet in front of the probe.


  • Rapid assessment of large areas from a single position
  • Detection of wall loss under supports or insulation
  • Not sensitive to liquids in the pipe
  • Probe uses magnetic wheels to maintain contact with the pipe
  • Single probe accommodates pipe sizes 4” and above
  • Advanced processing algorithms generate high-resolution results
  • Available PowerBox H add-on software to simplify operation

Click here to learn more about the Innerspec PowerBox H hardware platform that operates the MRUT probe, or you may also visit Innerspec’s product page here.