Guided Wave 3-Day Course


Course Overview
The Guided Wave 3-Day course is best suited to NDT technicians, engineers, managers, and executives that are seeking a general understanding of the advantages, challenges, and exciting potential for guided wave inspection. The curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding and hands-on experience with respect to a wide range of guided wave applications.

Why Guided Waves?
Guided waves differ from traditional ultrasonic “bulk waves” because they travel along or between the physical boundaries of a structure. This gives guided waves unique capabilities and allows for inspections that would be impractical or impossible with traditional ultrasonic techniques.

  • Inspection over long distances from a single probe position
  • The ability to inspect hidden and inaccessible structures
  • Beam steering and focusing capabilities
  • 100% volumetric coverage
  • Dynamic sensitivity

Hands-On Experience
Students will participate in hands-on experiments in which they will generate and detect guided waves in various structures and review guided wave data. Some of the experiments featured in the course include:

  • Pulse-echo and through-transmission guided wave measurements
  • Angle beam, comb, and magnetostrictive transducer measurements
  • Long-range guided wave inspection of pipelines
  • Guided wave measurements in composites
  • Phased array guided wave scans in plates
  • Guided wave computed tomography (CT) imaging
  • Magnetostrictive guided wave scans

Topics Covered During the Course
A wide range of topics are discussed during the course to introduce participants to the state-of-the-art in guided wave testing as well as a number of exciting new technologies on the horizon. Some of the topics covered during the course are:

  • Basics of Waves and Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Guided Wave Terminology
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Plates
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Composites
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Pipes and Tubes
  • Guided Wave Inspection of Rods and Rails
  • Phased Array Guided Wave Inspection of Plates
  • Guided Wave Tomography for SHM
  • Guided Wave Transducers
  • Basic and Advanced Guided Wave Inspection Methods
  • Interpreting Guided Wave Data
  • Emerging Guided Wave Technologies and Applications