Guidedwave is proud to endorse the UltraWave LRT system offered by Olympus. The UltraWave LRT guided wave technology uses low-frequency guided waves to inspect hundreds of feet of pipe from a single location. The system is capable of detecting any change in wall thickness and providing information regarding the circumferential extent via focusing. The system consists of a collar that is placed on the pipe temporarily, a pulser/receiver unit, and software. The system is capable of inspecting pipes that are buried or coated. To view a product demo video please click here.


  • Small collar: low-profile, less length, lightweight
  • Improved sensor reliability through stainless steel wear plate design
  • Robust sensor design, few parts
  • Flexible collar design (transportation, assembly)
  • More axisymmetric loading due to improved module density in collars
  • Broad frequency range
  • More consistent coupling due to low profile


  • Improved database management through tree control
  • Rapid comprehensive data collection routine
  • Improved display technology for initial analysis, F-Scan Colormap
  • Multiple advanced display technologies for collected data
  • Advanced synthetic focusing algorithms and active focusing
  • Efficient report generation through tree control

For more information on the UltraWave LRT system, please visit Olympus’ product page here.